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I want to get more women confident in the mountains. I grew up a racer from 4 till 18 and now I coach girls at Squaw Valley and seeing them conquer their fears and rip big lines is the most amazing feeling. Watching young girls build not only their ski abilities but their confidence is incredible. I would love to have a female dominate program that gets women in the mountains, builds their confidence and gives them the opportunities to get Avalanche certs, training certs, and take them out of the resorts but into the backcountry. I feel like having a company like Lange to backup a program like this could generate a new breed of dominate women skiers from a young age. Seeing what the 10 year old girls at Squaw were able to accomplish last year only proved to me that we need more inspiring women to help build the next generation. However the sport of skiing is losing a lot of girls to other sports, or because of financial issues, I want girls to choose skiing! to want to be out on the mountain everyday and have it be feasible to them to pursue their dreams of being a pro skier or just having the passion to ski!


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This is what it means to be a skier girl ❤️ skiing is an individual sport no doubt, but the people you ski with become your family, they are your teammates & your best friends. One of our teammates got hurt and couldn’t race this past weekend but that didn’t stop her from crutching her way up to the course covered in glitter & lipstick to support her girlfriends & those little girls stayed with her never leaving her behind on the way down.... that’s what being a skier girl is... it’s more than ripping lines & jumping cliffs, it’s being the best version of yourself on and off the mountain, it means being the best teammate & friend you can be.... I am so proud to be able to coach these incredible little glitter girls and watch them flourish in all aspects of their lives . Thank you girls for inspiring me everyday ✨❤️ #skiergirls #skiergirlsdoitbetter #squawgirls #beonewithyourgoal #bestfriends #teammates #soulskiiers #glittergirls #funfirst #skifast @k2skis @squawalpine @squawalpineskiteam @lange_boots


Miss Olive crushed it! Squaw girls baby!!!!! @americandownhiller @k2skis #skiergirls #skiergirlsdoitbetter #squawbangs #beonewithyourgoal


No (boy) Friends on a Powder Day | SKIER GIRLS | 🎥 💋🎿✨@k2skis @aka_camille @mollyanne.shannon #k2womensalliance #k2skis #skiergirls #skiergirlsdoitbetter #dropping #squawgirls #welikeitdeep #beonewithyourgoal


My 11 year old glitter girls... cover that mountain in sparkles, leave lipstick marks all over the chairlifts, giggle, dance and send it off anything and everything with smiles & confidence . I honestly don’t think anyone has more fun skiing than we do. I hope you keep this ski fire forever ❤️ thanks for letting me ski with the coolest girls at Squaw 💁🏼‍♀️👯‍♀️ #skiergirls #squawgirls #nextgeneration #k2alliance @k2skis #beonewithyourgoal


Listen girls... skiing is easy, you just gotta have the lady balls to do it @smilne2018 #skiergirls #skiergirlsdoitbetter #k2alliance #squawbangs #beonewithyourgoal


✨ I think I am going to have to start marketing ski sparkles.... what started as just a fun little face frosting at championships last season has now become our staple... glitter on everyday we ski, but now its not just my girls and I... we got the “big girls” on the ski team skiing with glitter, the littlest girls asking for ski sparkles, my other awesome lady coaches & we even got some of the dudes asking for a little shine on their cheeks.... ski sparkles are going to be the next big thing... i’m telling you! ... so keep on shinning girlfriends ✨ @k2skis #k2alliance #beonewithyourgoal


Just acting like joining the @k2skis team didn’t just make my life..... but for real I am beyond stoked to be apart of a company that is SOO AMPED on the skier girls!! And so very grateful to be put in a position to be able to get more girls fired up and inspired to get out on the mountain! Soo grab your skis ladies cus we are headed straight to the top baby! 🙌🏼✨❄️ #k2alliance #k2 #k2skis #skiergirls #skiergirlsdoitbetter #beonewithyourgoal


To all the #skiergirls, Let’s laugh together on the chair, talk girl talk in the lift lines, have dance parties in the funi, shred all the powder, jump off all the cliffs, race down the mountain, eat all the @wildfloursquaw cookies, drink hot chocolate on storm days, cover our faces in glitter!.....but most importantly lets encourage one another, cheer for eachother , challenge eachother & teach eachother to be better skiers & even better women ❤️ #beonewithyourgoal #squawgirls


✨” my goal is to be the best skier I can be”, “ I want to go to the olympics”, “ I want to ski the biggest mountain in the world!”..... all my little skier girls with their goals covered in glitter, ready to crush this ski season ✨#beonewithyourgoal #skiergirls @unicornpicnic @lange_boots @shejumps


✨Never be afraid to Sparkle.... that’s why we wear glitter when we ski ✨ #skiergirls #beonewithyourgoal @lange_boots @unicornpicnic @shejumps


Coaching girls we have dance parties every morning before we ski, lots of glitter and of course every shade of lipstick 💄 because what we found out was lipstick just made us ski faster 💁🏼‍♀️... this year I got them each a ski goal journal... and asked them to write one huge goal on top of the first page, below that 3 goals they want to accomplish this year, below that one nutritional goal and below that one goal which will make them a better person. (Because better people make better skiers) Then they write down how they are going to achieve those goals and what they need from me as their coach to make sure they reach their goals. This year we are not going to focus on race results, instead we are going to focus on the process of becoming the best skiers we can be! So having a goal journal will keep them focused all year. Racing is a funny sport you can train and train and it all comes down to two runs, thats it! Within Those two runs there are so many uncontrollable variables... snow conditions, course set, the other racers, distractions, etc all those can affect anyones run so to base your abilities as a racer off that isn’t so accurate. So this year we are focusing on what we can control and that’s working hard everyday, eating good foods, practicing technique, cheering for our teammates, focusing on our goals,warming up properly etc. So if they don’t win but they arced every turn, or they had a really strong start, or fought to stay in the course, or just finished both runs, no matter what the results are my girls can walk away with their heads held high and know they skied the very best they could. If they end a day knowing that, thats a win and thats going to keep them skiing and working hard and that is going to land them on the podium. 🥇🏆 #beonewithyourgoal


Skiing.... that is my biggest passion. So coaching puts me in a position to share that fire and create the next generation of little bad ass ,passionate skier girls. So the goal is to get more young girls skiing, get more girls confident and to fearlessly rip any and every mountain they come across. And how lucky are we that @lange_boots wants to help all skier girls achieve their skiing goals! #beonewithyourgoal


Fact: The best things in life make your legs shake #beonewithyourgoal


All girls should ski... skiing teaches girls independence, skiing teaches girls confidence, skiing teaches girls that its “cool to be strong”, skiing teaches girls a love for the outdoors, but most of all skiing teaches girls to be brave and to take challenges head on without doubt.... skier girls rule :) ❄️👊🏼 #beonewithyourgoal


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