Frederique / Canada
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I’ve been a ski racer my whole life. For 14 years now, I’ve dedicated all of my time, and my full winter to this sport that I adore. I’ve been on the regional team and am now skiing with Laval University’s « Rouge et Or » team for the third year in a row. Last year, I discovered alpine touring. I’ve always been much optimistic about backcountry and powder skiing. I am also a person who loves to sweat and exercice. I fell in love with touring as soon as the first climb up. Beiing a student-athlete my whole life has been quite challenging and has tought me many things. Beiing able to ski while studying is incredible. My years of school wouldn’t have been the same without it. They were the best years of my life. Sadly, this year is probably my retiring year. I will be transitioning from ski racer to free skiier, and maybe coach next year. I’d love to transmit my passion of skiing to young ones. My project is to lead my ski racing team into winning the provincial title. I also want to go touring in Gaspesie’s Chic Chocs mountains and ski the Mount Albert. My project is to make the upcoming season my most memorable yet by taking every opportunity, leaving all my fears behind and enjoying every second on the snow. 😊


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Happy gal in Gaspésie 🗻🥰 . . . . . #skitheeast #gaspesiejetaime #beonewithyourgoal #mountaingirls #canada


Tellement beau, le Québec !!! 😍🗻 . . . #montlyall #gaspesiejetaime #skitheeast #beonewithyourgoal


Ouin. Vraiment pas pire comme journée. 🤩🤟🏼 . . . . #suapoud #shredqueens #skitheeast #girlswhoski #beonewithyourgoal


Zing zing, envoye en bas !! 🏎💨 . . . 📸: Roger Lauzon #ontothenextone #beonewithyourgoal


« No friends on a powder day. » I say choose wisely 💕🤪#iminlovewiththesnowsnow #anotherbestday #beonewithyourgoal


Starting 2019 the right way, OUTSIDE !! 😌💕 #homelove #exploring #beonewithyourgoal


3e année avec la team la plus en feu du KEBEK, let’s GO ! 🎿🔥❤️ . . . . . #rougeetor #roadtostoneham #rseqski #beonewithyourgoal


That feeling when you’re finally on top and about to go down 😍🤪 . . . . . . #backoninsta #beonewithyourgoal #alpinetouring #chicchocs


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