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I've come a long way from ski racing, instructing and race coaching, but always had a strive for the backcountry and big lines. This season I'm gonna be working as an instructor at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort in the Canadian Rockies - a dream come true! My goal is to ski as much as possible in order to grow as a skier and make my way into freeride competitions. I have previous experience in the FWQ events at Mount Olympus, New Zealand, finishing 3rd in the 2017 event. I also decided to join an Avalanche Skills Training to start off the season in Canada, allowing myself and my friends to venture out of bounds as safe as possible. I've been skiing Lange boots since 2012. For 3 years as a racer in Europacup and FIS races, then instructing and freeriding. This season I'm gonna be on the Freetour 130 - and I can't wait to get out there and have some fun!


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How fun was that?! After a 3rd place in the #fwq 2* event I got to ski the ozone for the #wranglethechute 4*!! First 4* for me, first time sticking to my line, placing 4th in a field of shredding ladies! Stoke is still high! Big thanks to everyone who was watching and cheering, to #kickinghorse for putting up those events and to all the great people I met. You all rock and for sure inspire me to drop some bigger stuff and ski bigger lines! Also thanks to my favorite skibrand @elanskis for sending me out on the #skiripstick!! <3 #skilikeagirl #thishorserules #beonewithyourgoal @lange_boots


It's been sunny for way too long... The views are pretty nice though #beautifulbritishcolumbia #dogtoothrange #beonewithyourgoal


Life has it's own ways. It's mysterious and often we don't see the big picture. But if we are aware of the signs and listen it will guide us right where we belong. A beautiful process I've learned to appreciate. With all the up's and down's, the disappointments and the sunny days. There is a reason we are here. So let's embrace insecurities, open endings, all the challenges, and everything we experience on the way. Follow our own path. Listen to our heart. Take risks for our dreams. It sounds so cheesy but it's true. There is love in every thing. #beinggrateful #loverules #kickinghorse #thishorserules #skilikeagirl #beonewithyourgoal @lange_boots


Skiing is pretty damn cool. #beonewithyourgoal @lange_boots #skiripstick @elanskis


Happy days rippin around beautiful British Columbia #beonewithyourgoal @lange_boots #skiripstick @elanskis


Pillows are fuuun! #senditforthaboys #britishcolumbia #beonewithyourgoal @lange_boots #skiripstick @elanskis


Fernie looking sweet #beautifulbritishcolumbia #skiripstick @elanskis #beonewithyourgoal @lange_boots


Apparently I'm living in the champagne powder capital of Canada. Makes sense. It skies pretty well too. #skibumlife #britishcolumbia #beonewithyourgoal


Seriously, I'm struggling to find the words to describe how grateful I am. Or what's happening within me when I'm skiing and spending time in these incredible mountains. My words never do my emotions justice. My images don't live up to the real beauty that's surrounding me. Maybe it's supposed to be like that. Maybe it is supposed to be all mine. I'm still sharing this picture with you showing me skinning up to one of the best runs I've ever skied. Ever. So much fun. Roger's pass, people. #beonewithyourgoal


Last lap of 2018 in this beautiful spot and many more to come. Feeling blessed. #beonewithyourgoal


Went for a little skin in our backyard playground. Escaping the crowds to find some fresh pow. Yeehaaa #beonewithyourgoal


Crew being stoked #powderfordays #beonewithyourgoal


Endless powder laps. Man I love skiing! #beonewithyourgoal


So so stoked to call this place home for a while. Couldn't be more grateful... @elanskis #skiripstick #beonewithyourgoal


What skiing pow on my #elanripstick makes me feel like! Good days at #kickinghorse @elanskis @lange_boots #beonewithyourgoal


Beautiful British Columbia. Can't wait to ski all this amazing terrain out there! #prayforsnow #beonewithyourgoal


First day out at Roger's pass. #beonewithyourgoal


Thank's @lange_boots for the early christmas present! Let's go skiing!! #beonewithyourgoal #prayforsnow @elanskis


Descending the mountains will soon be so much more fun!! #skiripstick @elanskis #beonewithyourgoal


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