Marie / Norvège
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From alpine skier to freerider

I'm an earlier alpine skier, and I still love to go skiing, especially touring in the mountains near my hometown. This winter I am joining the Ski Patrol in the local ski centre, but when I’m not on duty or studying, I will spend the afternoons and the weekends in the mountains searching for powder and improve my freeride-technique. I have spent many hours skiing onpiste and smashing gates during my years as an alpine skier, this year it’s offpiste. My goal is to become a better freerider.


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can’t wait🌨🤩 #welcometonature #beonewithyourgoal


Nyt utsikta over saftbygdi🍎🏔 #beonewithyourgoal


På tide at vintern kjøm snart☃️💙 #beonewithyourgoal


Iskald, men nyydelig sesongstart forrige helg🍦🤩❄️ #beonewithyourgoal


mørketida🌄🧘🏽‍♂️ #welcometonature #shutpåtur #beonewithyourgoal


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