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The feeling of getting up early in the morning, checking out the conditions, strapping on the boots and go outside - that's an undescribable feeling. It's the feeling of true happiness. I`ve been skiing since I was two years old, so it has always been a big part of my life. Anyone can ski, and the only limit for the goals you set is your imagination and commitment.My goal is about doing something I love. I`m planning to get as many ski days as possible, make ski films and develop as both a skier and a freeskier - hopefully I`ll set new tricks and hit bigger jumps (and check out new resorts!) I`m really looking forward to a whole year of skiing and want to be as prepared as possible. Becoming a better skier doesn't only include skiing; I will be doing a lot of training and gymnastics, watch videos and get inspiration from other skiers. It's finally ski season, so let's get the best out of it!


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#beonewithyourgoal @lange_boots A little throwback to the freeride competition. I really miss pow skiing!❄️ #skiing #freeride #skiseason #lifeisbestoutside #mountains #winter


#beonewithyourgoal @lange_boots Great summer days in Oslo with friends, sun and sailing. But I kind of miss the ski season though🤷🏼‍♀️Can’t wait to go skiing in September⛷💥 #skiing #skiseason #skiseasoniscoming #freestyleskiing #freeride


I just won the #beonewithyourgoal competition! @lange_boots Thank you so much for supporting me and my goal! This competition has been so much fun❄️And this ski season has been so important to me⛷Thankuthankuthanku!


#beonewithyourgoal @lange_boots Today’s the last day of the Lange #whatsyourgoal competition. It has been so much fun, both to share my ski season and to see how other girls around the world chase their ski dreams - so many inspiring stories! I feel so lucky because I get to ski every day and go to a ski school where I will develop my freestyle skiing. My goal was about doing what I love, doing it as much as possible and prepare for next season. So far I’ve had 48 days of skiing and there are more to come! With the freeride competition this weekend, skiing in Oslo and in the mountains, Geilo grand prix in March, hopefully ski camp in Åre in April (a bit expencive but seems like so much fun!), spring slushy skiing, watching X games Oslo in May(!!!) and hopefully a trip to both Folgefonna and Zermatt in the summer, the ski season never really ends. ❄️♻️❄️I’ve always loved skiing, it’s the best thing in the world. There’s always something new to learn or a new mountain to ski. Competitions like this are cool, because they help people chase their dreams and reach their goals. And just have fun, that’s what it’s all about! And hey! This winter is a really good one, so go out there and go skiing!✌🏼out, ski out!


#beonewithyourgoal @lange_boots Who’s that little skier? I started skiing at Geilo when I was 2 years old and I’ve loved it ever since. I feel so lucky because I can ski every day this season (and next season!) And of course: I’m always in a hurry when there’s good snow outside, that part of me hasn’t changed a bit!❄️😎


#beonewithyourgoal @lange_boots It’s ok to be back in the city when Oslo Vinterpark looks like this! This week I’m just going to prepare for the freeride competition and have fun:)


#beonewithyourgoal @lange_boots Skiing with friends is the best! And my favourite person to shred with is Lykke, she’s my cousin and best friend❄️💙


#beonewithyourgoal @lange_boots What a week it has been! I’ve had a great time up in the mountains, now I’m ready for a week of ‘urban’ skiing in Oslo before heading up to Oppdal for the freeride competition!


#beonewithyourgoal @lange_boots Sunny days, perfect conditions, different parks with so many cool jumps and fun rails - Geilo is my all time favourite ski resort! This is where I learned to ski as a kid and it’s always the best feeling to get out of the city and up in the mountains!


#beonewithyourgoal @lange_boots I’m so stoked on going to Rødde (ski school) 2018/2019! It’s going to be so much fun training with waterjumps, skiing and of course spending a month in Colorado! I’m skiing alot this year and I’m looking forward to ski even more next year!⛷😎


#beonewithyourgoal @lange_boots Some clips from skiing today. The conditions are amazing! We also spent a lot of time in the park, there are so many different jumps and rails here👌🏼 I’ll share some clips from the park later;)) (Music by epidemicsound//Dot the I’s and cross the T’s-Frook)


#beonewithyourgoal @lange_boots I’ve got some cool news! I’ve just signed up for my first freeride competition! It will find place in Oppdal in a couple of weeks. I’m heading to Geilo after a couple of days in Bergen - finally time for some skiing in the mountains!🗻❄️


#beonewithyourgoal @lange_boots My second ski vlog is ready! This is from skiing with Sem a couple of weeks ago! Link in bio!


#beonewithyourgoal @lange_boots It was so much fun skiing today! But now it’s time for some ‘behind the scenes’! I’m a huge fan of the balance board - this is a great way to improve balance and stability, which is important while skiing and to prevent injuries. I usually do squats or simply stand on the board. It’s fun and the neighbours really wonder what you’re doing;)) (Music by epidemic sound//Coney Island-Frook)


#beonewithyourgoal @lange_boots ❄️Fresh pow pow - days like this are the best!


#beonewithyourgoal @lange_boots #whatsyourgoal Ok, so I received a package yesterday with some competition clothing! I think it’s so cool to read about other skiers and their projects❄️⛷ You can check out my project and other projects here:


#beonewithyourgoal @lange_boots After a couple of days off, it felt so good to ski today and yesterday. I’m focusing on rails and boxes this week. Learning new tricks also means falling a lot, but no pain no gain, I suppose :“)) . . . #oakley #peakperformance #amplidskis #skiing #twintip


#beonewithyourgoal @lange_boots So pretty up @ Oslo vinterpark. Tricky conditions today, it was hard to get enough speed because it was snowing so much, so I skipped the jumps❄️Better luck tomorrow!


#beonewithyourgoal @lange_boots It has been such a nice weekend up @ Oslo Vinterpark!❄️And ✖️GAMES Aspen, always so much fun to watch! So stoked on skiing tomorrow, usually less people up there on monday morning than sunday afternoon🙌🏼


#beonewithyourgoal @lange_boots Let’s talk about equipment!:) Safety first; I use the #sweetprotection Grinder Backprotector, which is comfortable and gives the best protection. The same goes for my helmet. I prefer baselayers from #peakperformance . When it’s cold I also wear my ski jacket from peak, on warmer days I prefer an unlined jacket. Add a good pair of gloves and #oakley 👽 #prizm goggles, and I’m good to go!


#beonewithyourgoal @lange_boots There's more to skiing than parks and slopes. I'm doing gymnastics twice a week to prep for this season and most important: Next season⛷It's a great way to improve flexibility, core strength and frontflips/backflips


#beonewithyourgoal @lange_boots Ok, so I've made a ski vlog? Link in bio ❄️ I have my last day in Oslo Vinterpark today, been hitting some jumps but my back is not crazy about it, kind of sore after many days in the park🤷🏼‍♀️(music by epidemicsound//Gelatin nature-Ooyy)


#beonewithyourgoal @lange_boots On my way to Oslo Vinterpark. 3 buses + metro, but it's still cool that Oslo has it's own ski resort and it's really nice up there;)) #amplid #amplidskis #sweetprotection #twintip #skiing #ski


#beonewithyourgoal @lange_boots I'm so stoked on participating in Lange's competition for female skiers!⛷Let's start off with a little vid of some offpist-skiing up @ Geilo yesterday❄️ (music by epidemicsound//With license to loop-Anders Bothén)


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