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Jess Skis West

I'm looking to push myself as an athlete and a skier this season, especially in the backcountry. I've been working out at a ski specific conditioning class, hiking, and I've quit drinking to become my healthiest self for the upcoming season. I plan to retake my avalanche 1 in November in slc. I'll start my season in little cottonwood canyon in the central wasatch, an incredible zone to get my legs ready for the wallowas. After the new year I look forward to moving to east Oregon after the new year to work and ski in the eagle cap Wilderness Area, where I plan on seeing if I'm tough enough to endure and thrive in a fully human powered ski environment. I look forward to growing as a skier and a person, and I hope to have your support moving forward!


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First Lady shred of the season! With more techy chute entrys, spicy rocks hops, and icy traverses than coffee breaks! I'm lucky to have such cool girls to laugh with, confide in, dance with, and shred around the mountains- who push me to be a better skier and person! ❤️ you ladies (and all the other ladies I love to ski with who aren't included in this picture!) to the moon and back!


Did I like the skiing today? Nope. I LOVED it 😍 PC📸: Brent Leyele


I've never been much a of gym kinda gal, but this winter I decided to try a class to help me get ready. Lemme tell ya, it was fantastic! I can do box jumps now and squats for (almost) a full hour, but I'm mostly just sweaty and grateful it's all over! Thank you @burnslc for helping me get ready for ski season this year! Now all we need is the ❄️❄️❄️❄️ so we can get out and crush some turns!


Dear autumn, pls stop making me fall in love with you. It's supposed to be winter now and we need to break up 💁🏼


The spirit of stoke is building... Last winter when I was skiing this line I cut loose a small loose wet avalanche. To be honest I didn't even realize I'd triggered it until I was tucked behind a cliff band below. I guess I'm just grateful for the education and risk management training I've had and the savvy partners I've been able to share my time in the mountains with. More importantly I'm pumped to be refreshing my avalanche 1 at the start of the winter and building my own confidence base- conditions permitting #prayforsnow #🙏🏼❄️ 📷: @schirfphoto And thank you @stiomountain for sharing the photo and clothes with me 😜


I've been dreaming about bus laps in little cottonwood canyon all summer long and it feels so close with the storm blowing in this weekend I can almost feel the face shots 😍


Oh hello there autumn 💞🍂


"You see those peaks over there? Yeah? I'm gonna ski that shit." #winteriscoming ❄️🙏🏻 #beonewithyourgoal


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